3 Ways A PPC Audit Could Cut Waste & Boost Conversions Right Now

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If it’s a while since you reviewed your Google Ads, the simple fact is you’re losing money. Let’s put that right.

Suppose, just for a second, that you work on a production line. It’s an automated system that pretty much does the job for you, so you push the button, set it running and wander off to do something else.

Everything’s ticking along nicely until one of the supply feeds runs out and now the end product is missing a vital component or two.

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Automated AdWords Or Manual?

Then there’s a conveyor jam so everything backs up until the machine finally gives up the ghost and stops altogether. Only you never noticed, because you never checked back to see how things were going.

Most people’s pay per click (PPC) campaigns are a lot like this. Once they’re set up, they’re left to their own devices and over time things change, break or simply stop being as effective as they once were.

According to a recent HubSpot report, more than half of Google Ad (formerly Adwords) accounts have no tracking set up.

More than half of Google Ad accounts point to inconsequential (or just plain wrong) landing pages. And, according to this research, more than 90% of the keywords you are targeting are useless – and to add insult to injury, those useless keywords are eating 60% of your ad spend.

You get the picture. A PPC audit is essential to ensuring your ad spend is doing its job and that you’re maximising conversions.

But rather than simply wax lyrical in a general sense about the many benefits of a PPC audit, I thought it may be rather more practically useful to explore 3 key ways your PPC audit could help improve your Google Ad campaigns right now.

1. Tighter targeting

We’ve helped one of our client brands, a private dental surgery, to achieve the following results:

New patient numbers up by 200%

  • Conversion rate 3x the industry average
  • ↑70%+ improvement in conversions
  • ↓40%+ reduction in cost per conversion

How does that happen? Because when you carry out a PPC audit you see new targeting opportunities.

Here’s one simple example: the client was a private dentist so didn’t want to waste ad spend on clicks looking for NHS services. Most PPC ad campaigns ignore negative keywords – but we didn’t. By simply adding ‘NHS’ to the negative keyword list, we created a far more tightly focused campaign.

You can find out more about what else we did in this case study.

2. Smarter remarketing


You know remarketing. It’s targeting ads to visitors who’ve been to your site before but didn’t buy. But taking the time to really define your remarketing strategy can save wasted spend and pointless clicks. You may not, for example, want to retarget every person who once dipped into your site for five seconds, because many of those people may have ended up there by accident.

But when you refine the retargeting parameters (e.g. to people who spent 30 seconds or more on site and visited two or more pages) then you’re targeting people who’ve shown genuine interest.
A PPC audit should ensure you’re retargeting the right people.

3. Keeping current
If there’s one constant in PPC, it’s that things change. Google is constantly updating and evolving – with new tools and new processes but unless you’re really on the ball, it can take a PPC audit to spot the new tools that could really make a difference.

Take ad groups, for example. Google’s own stats show that “ad groups with 3 or more high-quality ads can get up to 5% – 15% more clicks or conversions than ad groups with only 1 ad.” But creating bundles of unique ads takes time, patience and an ability to resist banging your head against the desk when the boredom sets in.

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Recently, however, Google introduced an AI augmented ad tool that cuts the time and effort of creating multiple ads by suggesting automated alternatives for you.

It’s also introduced Smart Ads that make it easier to target campaigns to your business’ goals. ‘Custom intent audiences’ enable you to reach the ideal customer profile based on data from your campaigns, website and YouTube channel.

And if you advertise on YouTube you’ve now got direct access to affiliate location extensions, so you can direct viewers to local outlets selling your products or services.
But unless you’ve had a PPC audit, you may never know these tools exist – or how they could benefit you.

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