4 Powerful AdWord Features To Use This Summer 2018

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Top 4 Google AdWords Features – Summer 2018 Google’s been busy updating its UI to help you target that bit more effectively and reach that bit further. But we’ll start with four letters that are starting to bring everyone out in a cold sweat: GDPR. GDPR and AdWords We’ll spare you another retread of the nuts and bolts of the … Read More

It’s all about Inbound Marketing & Automation – Outbound is OUT!

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The Buyers Journey

The internet has come a long way and if you haven’t got a website asset to leverage your brand, company, products or services – you’re business will fall short in terms of your competitions Inbound sales. A Hubspot consultant from StartaDesign advised that, “A heavily weighted outbound sales strategy;  cold calling and purchased email marketing lists is a million miles from today’s … Read More

Tattoo Marketing 101: 3 Powerful Online Strategies (5 minute read)

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Creating remarkable tattoos is what you live for; that’s your passion. Making sure you have access to the latest tools and online knowledge you need to grow your tattoo business is what we do. It’s what we live for. It’s our passion. One client very passionate about tattoos is the International Arts Agency. Before working with us they had relied mainly on … Read More

Google’s Project Beacon. Have You Been Invited? (It’s free)

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Google Project Beacon

Did anyone else get accepted in to Google’s Completely Free Project beacon today? I’ve just received an email from Google informing me that my client a 4 practice dental group has been accepted for Google’s Project beacon and they will be delivered in the next two weeks. How exciting? Google Trends is showing that search volume has exploded today which … Read More

Why doesn’t my business rank in the maps section on Google?

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You’re busy. We all are. So when you’re trying to buy a last minute birthday present for the kids, searching Google for a list of toy shops on your smart phone, looking for a store that might be on your way home from work, you want to get this over with quickly and easily! You want to be moving onto more … Read More