How to Use Retargeting Ads to Gain a 200% ROI

How to Use Retargeting Ads to Gain a 200% ROI

Re-engage 98% of your lucrative website traffic!

Our client the award winning International Artists Agency wanted to quickly increase bookings & profits across their 6 studios using targeted AdWords latest features and Facebook Retargeting.

Here’s a quick snapshot of results we’ve been achieving for our client in February 2018.

💪 Last 7 Days “41 Email Submissions/Phone call Leads” at a cost of £9.81 per lead
💪 Last 30 Days “106 Email Submissions/Phone Call Leads” at a cost of £16.26 per lead
💪 Day Sittings up by 50% across the whole group.
💪 For one studio Facebook Retargeting instantly delivered remarkable results with an average cost of just £6.70 per lead.

Over the whole campaign the ROI has been well over £35,000 and is is improving each month.

ROI has been off the charts —Across the whole groups revenue has increased by 400%.

The Facebook Retargeting Ads are definitely doing their job.Darren Cooper CEO of International Arts Agency

Re-engage your visitors from Mainstream Sites

One of the biggest online mistakes business owners and marketing teams make is not taking the time to set up Retargeting. Previous Web visitors Retargeted with relevant Ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website when compared to 1st time visitors. Read case study!

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Customers Will Return Through Facebook Retargeting

Re-gain your traffic from targeted Facebook Advertising

By setting up Facebook Newsfeed Retargeting alongside targeted AdWords we have generated explosive results for clients. It’s not uncommon to see a 200% increase in ROI. It make sense really, they came to your website for a reason.

Re-engage your visitors using targeted eye-catching banners

Remember on average only about 2% of your website visitors will convert on their 1st visit so retargeting offers a very effective way to re-engage the 98% of leads you thought were lost forever.

Retargeting Can Boost Coversions By
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Clicks, compared to standard ads

Re-gain your traffic from targeted LinkedIn Advertising

Each month you will see a bigger increase in enquiries and conversions as your targeted list of prospects you are Remarketing to grows bigger every day.