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NFC Mobile Marketing is the latest technology revolutionising how consumers in the real world engage with your business.

This is done by building a bridge between offline and online media.
The era of the “connected consumer” is here Right Now – and it’s not just millennials.

And they’re staying connected – wherever they go and whatever they do.

What is NFC and How Does It Work?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that makes your smartphones, wearables (think Fitbit, smart watches), tablets and other devices even smarter.

Unlike QR Codes, NFC technology is faster to use, all your customers have to do is wave the phone close to the NFC tag and the information is transferred immediately.

NFC is built into more than two billion NFC-enabled devices and is compatible with hundreds of millions of contactless cards and readers already deployed worldwide.

No need to open an app or wait. The tag and reader communicate with each other to complete complex transactions quickly and securely.

Remember No PIN codes, camera-based scanners, or wires are required to use this simple, intuitive technology

In a nutshell, consumers connect to your content by simply tapping their phone on the engagement point

NFC Marketing Benefits

  • Extract maximum ROI from your customers.
  • Generate future bookings/sales from customers whilst they are still onsite.
  • Exceed customer expectations. Smart retailers and brands employ NFC to engage customers. with personalised, exclusive or one-time content experiences.
  • Instant customer loyalty – no app download needed
  • Forge deeper, longer-lasting and more personal relationships with your customers.
  • Create promotional marketing campaigns that consumers have never seen before

With embedded NFC tags, displays become more dynamic and interactive.

Consumers can tap the display to instantly get a coupon, opt-in to social media to read reviews, or even download a game.
You can use it to design and implement mobile campaigns and track their performance via Google analytics.

malibu example

Malibu, added NFC tags directly to it’s bottles for a marketing trial last September. One of the largest test of NFC tagged bottles with an estimated 40,000 on the shelves across 1600 Tesco stores in the United Kingdom.

When tapped, the tags lead through to a range of marketing promotions.

Earlier this year Global Drinks manufacturer Pernod has announced a 2nd collaborative effort in partnership with Ibiza Rocks to promote special offers across 100,000 bottles.

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