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Whether you’re a new or DIY user of PPC we can help. We understand Google Adwords can be a love/hate affair; many entrepreneurs and businesses try to take advantage of managing AdWord campaigns themselves which often result in little return and can leave a bad taste in the mouth.

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Adwords Management Process

1. Audit Review

from an adwords professional

2. Auction / Tasks

steps for improvement

3. Adwords Optimisation

keyword analysis & research

4. Landing Page Design

& site optimisation

5. Conversion Rate Optimisation

A/B Testing

6. Adwords Reporting

feedback & review


Get Your Custom Proposal

 We’ll prepare a plan to boost your PPC performance and make you more money.





Initially the client was sceptical having been burned in the past by SEO and PPC companies promising the earth and not delivering.
Envisage Dental is a fast growing private dental group and has plans to grow to 20 practices strong in the next ten years.
We were tasked with kick-starting a laser targeted AdWord/SEO campaign for 4 practices targeting a full range of dental treatment including big ticket items like “dental implants”, “invisible braces” and “cosmetic dentistry”.
Whilst there has been a number of challenges (see below) along the way, as there is in all business, the client generates a tonne of new private patients each month using a modest PPC budget (insert image of conversion data) which accounts for over 55% of all online enquiries .

To further improve the success of this campaign we have also launched a Retargeting strategy through AdRoll as Google now does not allow Retargeting for the medical industry through their platform.
Moving forwards we are targeting additional territories nearby to principal practice areas to increase private patient enquiries. If you would like further information on this remarkable case study please contact us below.

Advanced Google AdWord Marketing Packages



Per MonthJump-Start Your Google AdWord Campaigns The Right way

    (Suitable for ad spend budget of up to £1000 per month*…)

  • Multiple Ad Creation and Mobile Device Ads
  • 2x Bidding Strategies
  • Enhanced Conversion Analysis
  • Remarketing

Initial Set up fee £450 + VAT


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Rocket Fuel


Per MonthMost popular with our clients. Includes Bronze & Silver features plus

    (Suitable for ad spend budget of £10,000 plus per month*…)

  • Daily bid management & Daily budget control
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • 20 Hours Management

Initial Set up fee £550 + VAT


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