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Converting more costs less for market leading private dental group.

The Results

Here’s a quote from the CEO, ” Drew has generated huge results for our clinics depending on the treatment modality they have been pushing. To give you a sense of our marketing ability, we had over 1,500 new patients (defined as a patient who actually converted to taking up treatment) in the past 12 months and generated over 2,500 enquiries for the business – we did this with very little budget. “

Conversion rate 3x the industry average

70%+ improvement in conversions

40%+ reduction in cost per conversion

Every growing brand needs a little help. Our client recently celebrated its fourth birthday with the acquisition of a number of new dental clinics – and asked the Pay Per Click (PPC) team at Social Gains to help increase patient enquiries.

Targeting the clicks

Every business collects customers in different ways. For any dental surgery, the pool of potential patients is likely to be greater the closer they are to the clinic. So as a first step, we clearly defined ‘geo-fences’, effectively drawing a series of expanding circles around each practice and assigning higher bids to prospective patients living or working closest to the practice.
These tight geographical definitions are important for any PPC campaign that relies on local trade. After all, there’s little point winning (and paying for) a click from someone who’s never likely to visit you.


Refining the results

Reducing the potential and cost of a wasted click is essential to an effective PPC strategy. This meant not only defining the keywords and phrases the business wanted to be found for, but also defining the ones it didn’t. For a private dental clinic, for example, there’s no point in paying for a click from someone who only wants an NHS practice.
So we created a robust negative keyword list that targeted ads only to our clients ideal prospects.
Then, by tracking the clicks through to calls and appointments made, we were able to measure the effect of our PPC campaign.

New patient numbers up

Social Gains began managing the PPC campaign in April 2017. This chart tracks private patients making their first appointment for one of the company’s targeted treatments.

New Patient Volume Statistics

Individual practice visitors up 200%

40%+ reduction in cost per conversion

It’s always tricky to talk in terms of averages – PPC conversion rates are different for every industry – but a typical rule of thumb is to look for a healthy conversion rate for each PPC campaign of 2-3%.

Conversions 3x the industry average

Our conversion rate for the campaign was a whopping 7.13%. That’s (roughly) 2.5 to 3.5 times better than the industry standard for ‘good’.

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