What are Retargeting Platforms, and why should you be using one to increase sales?

Drew ClaytonRetargeting


Why should you use Retargeting to boost sales on your site? The proof is out there in the real world.

Let’s face it – as online retailers, sometimes we don’t take the lead from brick and mortar retailers as much as we should. Think of this example: You are traditional shop owner, and you have five people enter your store. Four of them have a quick browse around and leave without expressing much interest, but one of them spends a long time fingering merchandise, asking questions and expressing longing before leaving empty handed.

Now, if you had to target your sales strategies at one person, which of the four would you focus upon? The answer is obvious – the individual who expressed so much interest and invested their time into your product is the best way to go, and traditional sales people have known this since time immemorial. But are you using this rationale on your e-commerce site? If not, you are hurting your business – and your bottom line. This is where Retargeting comes into play.

Success with retargeting

Right from the first instant you put a bespoke retargeting strategy into place, you will experience a massive increase in your ROI. Think about it this way – 49% of the planet’s largest brands/ companies and nearly 70% of the marketing agencies out there dedicate specific budgets to their Retargeting strategies on Facebook and other platforms. Retargeting is affordable and highly effective – what are you waiting for?

If you aim the exact same ads at all of your potential clientele, you will have a high rate of failure – after all, what appeals to Peter will not appeal to Paul (or Pauline, for that matter!). Target your ads to your unique niche clientele and you will see a huge increase in sales – it is marketing 101.

Why are our Retargeting strategies different – and more effective?

Standard Retargeting plans do not allow you to specify and target certain groups more than others – and that means that you spend just as much time and budget on actual buyers as you do on the myriad ‘tirekickers’: the people who just want to ‘look around’ your virtual shop. Just like in the example above, we know that this doesn’t make sense – you should be focusing on the people who are more likely to buy.

Our Advanced Retargeting Strategies allow you to do just that – focus more on the people who are most likely to be converted into actual buyers. Our product works across multiple platforms, tracking exactly how your ideal buyer uses the web. Our program can see where they came from, how long they spend on each page and where they head after they visit your site. No matter what platform you site is hosted on, we can determine a whole range of useful information about your visitor that will ultimately help us convert them into a sale.

Don’t risk using blanket retargeting sites – our highly focused and effective Retargeting program is the best that there is. Contact retarget@www.socialgains.co.uk for more informationWhen Does Retargeting Work?