Google Map Consultants and Facebook Retargeting Specialists

targetSocial Gains is a cutting edge dynamic agency that has been specialising in Retargeting and Google Maps since 2003.

During this time, our team of Google certified professionals have worked with a Huge range of different brands and SMEs including Hyundai, Suzuki, Centre for Dentistry and Screwfix, to build and execute Retargeting campaigns that deliver instant and measurable Return On Investment.

We craft unique Retargeting campaigns that are tailored to the individual requirements of each client. Our additional services include Retargeting, Paid search (PPC), conversion rate optimisation (CRO), inbound marketing, online reputation management, social media and digital consultancy.

How to Use Retargeting Ads to Gain a 200% ROI

Traffic is not the problem!

website traffic

Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn, just to point out the obvious, are lining up to sell you targeted traffic.

Your Search Engine Optimisation agency wants to send you more traffic. Your Pay-Per-Click agency would love nothing more than to send you more clicks. You simply need to understand these 3 points:-

  • How to measure what traffic is worth ?
  • How to extract maximum immediate value from that traffic?
  • How to instantly boost your online conversions?

Fortunately, Retargeting can help achieve all these objectives and more

Tactics are worthless if you don’t understand the Retargeting process.

This is why you are frustrated. You have no context. You have no system.

Whether you’re looking for a strategy that super charges your traffic or a paid search campaign that sets your company apart from its competitors, our team of in-house search marketing experts can help to accelerate your brand’s online growth.

Ask a member of our team to devise a bespoke strategy for you today by completing the form.

How to Use Retargeting Ads to Gain a 200% ROI

Objectives For Retargeting

Once your Retargeting campaigns are underway, our dedicated in-house Advertising Analysts monitor them on your behalf, optimising for relevance and engaging real-time bidding technologies to ensure they’re served across the right websites at ideal moments in the buying process.

Our Dynamic Retargeting platform captures and segments visitors by what they viewed on your website in real-time. After a shopper’s initial visit, our platform builds a dad reflecting the content each person engaged with.

Acquiring New Customers
Building Awareness
Increasing Revenue

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