Tattoo Marketing 101: 3 Powerful Online Strategies (5 minute read)

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Creating remarkable tattoos is what you live for; that’s your passion. Making sure you have access to the latest tools and online knowledge you need to grow your tattoo business is what we do.

It’s what we live for. It’s our passion.

One client very passionate about tattoos is the International Arts Agency. Before working with us they had relied mainly on their reputation, SEO and Facebook to drive sales across all 6 studios.

However the CEO wanted to explore new (& quick) ways of driving business and had a target of increasing day sittings by 200% across all the shops.

We suggested three proven and very powerful (if done correctly!) digital strategies that have so far increased day sittings by up to 50% in one studio and record weeks across the group.

The three strategies we successfully implemented are:-

💪  Targeted Google Ads
💪 Retargeting
💪  Display Advertising

Retarget On LinkedIn

Retarget On LinkedIn

Firstly, let’s dive in to Google Ads.

If your goal is to boost sittings at your studio, week in week out, then AdWords can help you quickly achieve that goal as it offers unparalleled reach, instantly placing your studio in front of targeted & highly motivated prospects looking for a new tattoo.


There is a reason AdWords is multi billion-pound industry. Put very simply they work.

Here’s a quick snapshot of results we’ve been achieving for our client “International Arts Agency”. They own 6 studios across the North.

💪 Last 7 Days “41 Email Submissions/Phone call Leads” at a cost of £9.81 per lead
💪 Last 30 Days “106 Email Submissions/Phone Call Leads” at a cost of £16.26 per lead
💪 Day Sittings up by 50% across the whole group.

Pretty impressive?

Last 7 Days Google AdWord Screenshot Data International Arts Agency

You’ll be surprised at the keywords that convert the most on AdWords. These are some of the best performing Google Ad Word keywords.

Our research demonstrates that most people either search for “best/top”, Specific keywords i.e. “Leg Coverup tattoo” or location based keywords.

💪  Top Portrait Tattoo Artist
💪  Best Tattoo Studio In My Area
💪  Trash Polka Tattoos
💪  Cover Up Tattoos
💪  Best Tattoo Artists
💪  Tattoo Artists Near Me

So what is the best approach? You need to ask what amount you are willing to pay for a new sitting and which conversions are important to you? Would you prefer them to ring or book online?

From my experience it’s usually best to get them ringing the studio first to book a face-to-face consultation. Stops tyre kickers and usually means more profits for the studio.

There are a few studios dabbling in Google Ads with varying degrees of success, however, shockingly, 9/10 tattoo studios do not have conversion tracking properly installed.

This means you can’t work out how many leads you’re getting from AdWords and how much money your making!

This is one of the most crucial elements of any campaign as you need to track every single PPC lead to work out your return on investment.

If you have any questions about Google Ads, leave a comment below.

Strategy 2: Facebook/Website Retargeting Strategy

21_Conversions_For_Just_£6.70_Per_Lead (1)

If you then take the smart decision of combining Website and Facebook Retargeting with Google AdWords you can immediately re-engage that audience on their favourite websites whilst they are making their buying decision.

The tattoo industry is image driven so think about it!

It’s almost like having an extra online member of staff promoting your artists best tattoos for you.

New Testament Evidence Facebook Retargeting

We’ve had remarkable success with Retargeting for our client. The stats above demonstrate results generated in month one for our client Redemption part of the International Arts Agency Group.

Facebook Retargeting delivered remarkable results with 21 new leads in two weeks at a cost of £6.70 per lead.

The reality is that you need to touch a prospective customer at least 6 times before they convert, and the biggest mistake business owners make is not taking the time to set up Retargeting.

They might have seen you on Facebook, Insta, Google Ads, drove by the studio before they decide to convert.

Remember on average only about 2% of your website visitors will convert on their 1st visit to so retargeting offers a very effective way to re-engage the 98% of leads you thought were lost forever.

Whilst your potential customers are deciding on whether to use you or a competitor you get multiple chances to reinforce your message online with your best tattoos images.

That’s why Remarketing is so powerful.

The Guardian New You, New Tattoo Image

On top of this 95% of tattooists are not employing this profit-making strategy meaning you will be one step ahead of the PPC competition.

3> Display Campaign Strategy

The Google Display Network enables us to showcase your best tattoos on over 2 million websites, blogs, mobile apps etc to users who have been searching for a tattoo targeting your key areas.

The Ads are also shown on tattoo related sites where people are looking for a tattoo design e.g.:

The display network doesn’t convert the same as Google Ads or Remarketing as you are reaching people still in the browsing stage.

However, the smart thing is you can retarget them on Facebook and across the web until they are ready to book a face-to-face appointment.

And we know from experience it can be difficult to make your tattoo studio stand out from the crowd but taking extra steps to build recognition and a loyal client base will make an enormous difference in the long term to your profits.

If you want to talk through your ideas, goals and existing strategy to secure more tattoo clients shoot me an email at

Thanks for reading.